Our Story

Water has been my life since my early years. Water is my element, my passion. Water has been my job for many years.

I moved to Ibiza in 2015 as a deliberate shift away from my previous 100-flights-a-year career.

I fell in love with the beautiful deep Mediterranean waters, so I started swimming open water every day in every condition all year around.

The island gets extremely busy in the summer and one day I was finishing a long swim and passing a point, I clearly remember the smell of disgusting chemical.

To be sincere sitting on the beach with my family I never actually though about how the chemical of the sunscreen products could affect the quality of the water.

I knew about natural sunscreen from my wife. She’s Australian and she grew up in a country with much more awareness about skin problems.

One day a friend of mine came to me with the idea of creating a natural sunscreen, I embraced the Sol de Ibiza project straight away and through some basic researches I quickly realized how chemical free products would be beneficial not only for the skin but also for the sea I love to swim in.

To make it happen the first step was the selection of the ingredients, we sourced local Aloe Vera from Ibiza ecological center Casita Verde and we found a lab that was willing to work with us to create our vision.

A sunscreen made by natural ingredients only, which is good for kids, adults and the environment.

What we definitely didn’t want, was to produce another piece of plastics that could find his way into the sea, that’s why Sol de Ibiza is completely plastic-free.

Alessandro Mancini