Zero Waste

Zero waste is a lifestyle that aims to create no waste , this not the same as recycling. It aims to completely eliminate waste, not find better ways to manage it. Part of living no waste is thinking about the lifecycle of a product. Best way to get started? Replace any single use items with ones you can reuse.

Minimalism is understanding what we truly value and eliminating the rest.

This creates a life full of things that you truly love, minus the ‘mess’.  Minimalism rejects the idea of mass consumerism, rebelling against the insanity of always buying more than we need.

Sol de Ibiza has created a minimalist sun protection range that provides you with all you need to protect yourself from the sun. No more, no less. So you can get on with what's really important to you.

Circular Design

Going one step further than zero waste, a circular economy completely rejects the concept of waste itself, proposing that everything in existence has value.

It mimics a natural ecosystem, in which everything is reused to create something else.