Ocean-Friendly Sunscreen

We are now collectively aware of the destructive nature of human activity on our planet's oceans. Recently, attention has shifted to emerging science that demonstrates our oceans' health is not only damaged by over-fishing, pollution or plastic but also something more insidious...

Sol de Ibiza is commited to avoid water scarcity and at the same time being better for your health.

Freshwater scarcity is a growing concern in Ibiza and many other parts of the world. Not only is the cosmetic industry one of the world's biggest drivers of plastic pollution, but it is also coming to light that it contributes to a more problem of water scarcity.

Waterless products can help this situation, while at the same time being better for your health. To find out more about waterless products and their impact on your health and our planet, click here

1% for the planet

From 2019 we have decided to give 1% of all our sales to Ibiza Preservation Fund, to environmentally protect Ibiza and Formentera. Ibiza Preservation is focused on four key areas:

Plastic Free, a project to phase-out single-use plastics; Posidonia Protection to keep our sea full of life; a Sustainability Observatory to collect environmental data t; and, Ibiza Produce to promote locally-grown food.