Microplastics in Sunscreens
  Microplastics are one of the most important health and environmental problems we face today (1). They are insidiously everywhere. Finding their way from products we consume, into our bodies and out again.   Although almost invisible to the naked eye...
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What are UV filters?
What are UV filters? Ultraviolet (UV) filters are the protective elements that stop solar radiation from burning your skin by reflecting, dispersing or absorbing UV rays. They are separated into two categories, chemical and mineral. Confusingly, chemical filters can also...
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What is natural sunscreen?

 What do we mean by natural sunscreen? 

Most people wonder if natural sunscreens can really be as safe as their chemical counterparts. To answer this question, it is important to understand a little bit about UV filters. The different types that exist and how they function to keep you protected.  

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Research on common UV filters

To decide what is best for you and your family, its always best to do your own research.We have given you a head start by providing a collection of research papers on common organic and inorganic UV filters, including nano-zinc oxide and nano-titanium dioxide. This document is a work in progress, we will continually update it as we read more interesting research . 

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What is broad-spectrum protection?
There is energy moving in waves all around you. You cannot see, touch or feel these waves but they are essential to your everyday life. Every time you turn on the radio, use wif-fi or your cell phone you are...
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