Ocean-Friendly Sunscreen

We are now collectively aware of the destructive nature of human activity on our planet's oceans. Recently, attention has shifted to emerging science that demonstrates our oceans' health is not only damaged by over-fishing, pollution or plastic but also something more insidious...
Unplastic the Planet

Plastic? That’s so last century. Since making our very first tin of sunscreen, we have wasted nothing. 

Our ingredients can be used in every single one of our products, and we invest a lot of time into making sure our quantities match the demand. 

Sol de Ibiza’s creams are safely stored in tinplate containers which are very durable, vastly reusable and totally recyclable, just like our cardboard sticks. 


No need to imagine hierarchies - water is just as important as sunshine. That’s why Sol de Ibiza is deeply aware of water scarcity in its home in Ibiza and worldwide.  

Also, there’s no need for water in sunscreens. So we just don’t use it. We’d rather see it flow in rivers and streams than in our products. 

A waterless sunscreen means no preservatives and a higher concentration of active ingredients. It’s better for your health, and it’s better for the whole planet.  

1% for the planet

How do you give back to what gives you the most?

We're part of 1% for the Planet since 2019, a batch of businesses that understands the importance of protecting our Mother Nature.

Since 2023, we donate 1% of out turnover to Bye Bye Plastic.