Hello, we're Sol de Ibiza

The totally innocent but highly effective sunscreen

Healthy skin starts with daily sunscreen

Our founder Alessandro and his team spent 3 years of research to create a unique transparent formula using natural ingredients only, motivated by the mission of stopping the growth of skin cancer and save our skin, the sea and the reef from chemical filters.

Stop using sunscreen, start using Sol de Ibiza

Say no to the chemical filters, waste, allergic reactions and the poor performance of traditional sunscreens and say yes to Sol de Ibiza. The all natural sunscreen in an aluminium tin. Easy to apply, transparent and water resistant!

Why Sol de Ibiza?

It’s time for fun in the sun, and you know the drill: lather up with sunscreen, grab your sunglasses and hat, and head out the door. Simple as that, right?

Kind of, but not quite. All sunscreens are not created equal, so choosing the right one is a big part of sun safety.

Before you get overwhelmed by the thought of reading sunscreen labels and sorting through dozens of bottles at the drug store before summer hits, let us help.


What's in Sol de Ibiza?

Sol de Ibiza is an all-natural, certified organic and vegan sunscreen.

So you'll find that a lot of things are NOT in Sol de Ibiza: no heavy metals, no chemicals, no fragrances, no preservatives.

But, what are Sol de Ibiza's ingredients then? How can Sol de Ibiza be so effective and yet be so innocent?


Chemical vs Mineral Filters

Chemical sunscreens have ingredients (oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, and octinoxate) that may potentially cause health problems.

Mineral sunscreens, on the other hand, use two natural minerals - zinc oxide and titanium dioxide - as active ingredients. These minerals simply sit on top of your skin and protect it by reflecting away UV rays. 


Sun Facts

Why do we apply sunscreen? How many types of UV rays exists? How does sunscreen work? What is spf?

1% donated to

Ibiza Preservation Foundation

To preserve and protect Ibiza and Formentera’s land and sea